Raising your awareness Magic Move

Raising your awareness

How to put space between yourself and what you have gathered physically and mentally.

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multiple times per day

Of all the Magic Moves you can make, this is one of the most magical ones. It seems so simple, but it is very profound.

The entire benefit of this Magic Move can be summed up in one sentence:

Awareness transcends what it is aware of.

By raising your awareness, you put more and more space between who you fundamentally are and what you have gathered in terms of body/possessions and mind:

The more space you can create between who you fundamentally are and what you have gathered in terms of mind, body, or material stuff, the more free you become.

And the more free you become, the more life starts to just flow through you. Without strain or effort, it does what it was made to do all along. 

It’s like electricity: it wants to flow, but the more resistance in the wire, the lower the current. Your job is not to make the current or the wire. Your job is to decrease the resistance.

The current that flows through a conductor is directly proportional to the voltage divided by the resistance: I = V/R

You have unconsciously built walls of resistance inside of you that restrict your energy flow. You are starting to understand that you must open the windows or tear down these walls to let in the light. 

Create space to raise your awareness – examples

Once you are present enough to notice what is happening inside of you, you are already creating space between who you are and what you have gathered:

  • Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, watch yourself feel sorry for yourself
  • Instead of thinking negative thoughts, watch your mind think negative thoughts
  • Instead of immersing yourself in physical pain, watch your body create the sensation of pain

Decreasing resistance by letting go

You thus raise your awareness by letting go of your material possessions, the contents of your body and mind, as if you are watching yourself as a spectator = from a third-person perspective.

You look at your possessions as just stuff that you have gathered. It’s not a part of who you are.

You watch the body be the body, no matter what it does. You don’t label anything as good or bad. You just compassionately observe.

You watch the mind be the mind, no matter what it thinks or how it makes you feel. You don’t label anything as good or bad. You just compassionately observe.

You go through the process of letting go. You realize that the reason you perceive anything as painful or unpleasant is because of a mental or physical model that you have. You are experiencing your life through those models. They color your perception and everyday experiences:

All perception is subjective
Figure: You don't experience reality as it is, but as it got colored after passing through your unique mental models.

Letting go of these models can be a painful experience, but this is good pain. It is a necessary cleansing process. The pain is why you built your walls of resistance in the first place, to protect you from it.

But instead of a castle, you have built a prison for yourself, and you set yourself free by becoming aware of your construction.

This process is not easy, but the more you do it, the richer your life experience becomes. Keep letting go to let in more light.

Every time you have a negative experience, become aware that one of your inner models has been activated. Stay with the feeling of the experience, realize what your mind and body are doing, and let it slowly fade away. Don’t run from it, don’t fight it, just sit with it. And it will lose power over you.

Don’t beat yourself up if it takes a bit of time to get the hang of this. Beating yourself up is the outcome of a mental model that you have that says you have to be able to succeed at something in a certain period of time!

You don’t. Just keep letting go.


You keep letting go by being aware that you are aware.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.
Albert Einstein
We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.
Anais Nin

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