Magic Moves

Key practices to move forward in life

Thinking in first principles allows you to analyze current reality, understand its fundamental causes, and create effective methods to shape the future.
How to diligently remove the weeds from the fertile soil of your mind.
Be comfortable to ask for help if you need it. It’s a sign of strength, not of weakness.
When you are feeling anxious, focus on the good things in life to make them grow.
Detach from the need to reach your goals and pour all your creative energy into the process.
How to set aside your personal preferences and let life unfold more naturally.
Change your perspective on your problems, doubts, or worries to make them look smaller.
How to put space between yourself and what you have gathered physically and mentally.
Deliberately expose your mind to empowering triggers to condition your mental models.
Use the power of your mind to (re)construct and (re)condition your own reality.