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Evermove for Business

Moving your People, Team, and Organization Forward

From Personal to Team to Organizational Growth

The performance of every team or organization hinges on the personal development of each one of its members, and the same principles are at play. We are strong believers in a strategic approach to personal growth in business, where we first look at the individual, team, or organization as a whole, instead of trying to fix whatever specific problem seems to be the most urgent.

How we prefer to work with businesses:

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  • We will reach out to discuss your preferences
  • We decide if and how we can help you move forward

Every service or experience below is accompanied by one or more of the following icons. They indicate how we typically like to provide the service or stage the experience:

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Full Day Experience

Designed To Grow

The complete system for your personal, team, or business growth that just works.

In this full-day experience, you will learn the strategic elements that govern the different dimensions of growth, and how you can make your team or business operate in harmony with them. 

We modify the information, exercises, and visuals to your group, organization, and specific challenges.

Moving Moments

We conduct immersive workshops on important personal growth topics

Designed to be great

Improve your personal leadership to create favorable growth conditions in your life and increase your impact on the rest of the world.

Vision to reality

Learn how to turn your vision and mission into reality with the best personal growth techniques. Create alignment with your values, goals, projects, and daily to do's.

Unlock your potential

Learn how to overcome or flow past the plain and hidden obstacles that are standing in the way of your personal, team, or business growth. 

Move your consciousness

Learn to harness and direct your creative energies by connecting to the fundamental dimension of life, your true self, and the present moment.

Move your mind

Learn to wield the conscious and subconscious powers of your mind and reprogram yourself for success.

No-nonsense nutrition

Recognize and gain control over the elements that influence why, what, when, and how (much) you eat and drink.


Future-proof your business by moving from products and services to experiences and transformations.

Custom topics

Are you looking for an immersive workshop on another personal growth topic? Let us know!

Personal growth speech

We can give a more traditional speech (which we will nonetheless experiencify) on a variety of personal growth topics. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

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Evermove Personal Growth Speech


We occasionally do personal consulting for a very limited number of clients. If you have a specific challenge or problem that needs to be solved, feel free to get in touch.

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