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At Evermove, we create personal growth experiences, tools, and insights to help people understand, develop, and express themselves so that they can keep moving forward in life.

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Our vision, mission, and values

Our purpose describes our reason for being

Our purpose is to inspire and empower you to understand, develop, and express yourself so that you can keep moving forward, experience life to the max, and make the world a better place.

Our vision is what we would like the world to look like.

We envision a world of harmonious, abundant, and peaceful conditions for all of creation, in which people are inspired and empowered to discover, develop, and express themselves.

Our mission is our attempt to contribute to the realization of our vision.

Our mission is to create a thriving personal growth experience company where science, technology, and creativity are used to create transformational personal growth experiences, both online and on-site.

Our values guide our behavior and decisions:

Growth is the power that moves the universe. The same desire lives in every one of us. We have the natural urge to make progress and to help you move forward in life. If our content, products, and services have no positive impact on you, we are failing and need to make urgent changes.

What we think, say, and do is aligned. We do not develop, sell or promote experiences, products, or services that we do not believe in and would not want to invest in ourselves. We practice what we teach on a daily basis.

We have an ambitious vision for you and for our company. We aim to be responsible, decisive, and take the initiative. We try to make people better leaders. We can guide you on your path, but we can’t walk it for you. We strive for operational excellence.

We think things through. We look at the big picture. We approach personal growth holistically, multi-disciplinary, from an integrated perspective. We do not sell gimmicks. We make our clients smarter, wiser, and more independent.

Optimal performance requires us to take care of our life energies, minds, and bodies. Our vibrant health is one of our core assets. We encourage our team and our clients to adopt healthy behaviors.

What we stand for

Never-ending transformation

Everyone is on a journey of personal growth. We try to inspire and empower people to keep moving forward along the path of self-discovery, development, and expression.

A holistic approach

Everything is connected. We believe in the importance of understanding the big picture and the interaction between the different areas of personal growth.

Fundamental principles

We don't make stuff up. We attempt to simplify complex topics by explaining the first principles that are at play. We use nature as our ultimate guide.

Personal Growth Systems​

All growth is a process from one state to the next. Personal growth is a process. We adopt a systematic, structured, repeatable approach to personal development. 

Personal Growth Strategy​

Many don't get the desired results because they only seek quick-win, short-term, tactical solutions. We advocate for sustainable, reliable, long-term personal growth strategies.

Personal Growth Experiences

We do our best to combine science, technology, and creativity to build practical, beautiful, and effective personal growth experiences, both online and onsite.


Life is ever-moving

First and foremost, Evermove refers to nature’s fundamental urge to keep moving forward; to evolve into new conditions.

The advancing, ever-moving life is the true life, the life that nature intended us to live. It is the life lived in harmony with the law of growth, in the spirit of progress.

‘Evermove’ also refers to the three planes of life, operating in unison:

The spiritual plane

The creative force of life is always moving, it never rests.

We live in an ocean of motion because everything is energy, at different rates of vibration.

We are individual expressions of a universal consciousness that expands, expresses, and experiences itself through everything that lives.

The mental plane

Thought is mind in motion.

Our individual mind, the intelligence in every cell forms the mold that directs the flow of energy.

Learning to understand and properly use the conscious and subconscious operation of our minds will determine the quality of our life experience.

The physical plane

Energy expresses itself through the mind in physical form. Energy and matter are but ends of the same scale. This is the law of all life.

We have to keep energy moving through our system by taking inspired action and staying healthy physically. 

Our body will take care of us if we take care of it.


Bert Ackaert


Strategic, curious, versatile.
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Samba Diagne

Sales & marketing

Persistent, action taker, visionary
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Arne Jaspers

Science & technology

Altruistic, curious, empathic
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Our online programs provide holistic, comprehensive solutions to common personal growth challenges.

We focus on making what is complex more simple, practical, and transformational.

Experience center

There are limitations to what you can do online. In partnership with Health House, we created a personal growth experience center in our hometown of Leuven, Belgium.

In the center, we harness the power of science, technology, and creativity to create immersive personal growth experiences.

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Evermove BV - Holsbeeksesteenweg 300 - 3010 Leuven, Belgium - VAT: BE0743627041 - support@evermove.com


Evermove - Gemeenteplein 26/10 - 3010 Leuven - Belgium

Experience center

Health House - Gaston Geenslaan 11 Building B4 - 3001 Leuven - Belgium

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Every dimension of personal development is connected, and all of them apply to you. Sign up for Personal Growth Essentials, our free online program to learn what personal growth is, why it matters, and how it works.

Thank you for growing with us, and keep moving forward!

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