Keep Moving Forward and Make Your Life a Masterpiece

We are building the ultimate personal growth experience company that is driven by passion and inspired by our vision to help you move forward in life.

The Evermove Vision

We believe that the most important investment you can make is in your own personal development by embracing lifelong learning. We envision a world in which people move their lives forward by learning and applying the best expertise in the field of personal development, delivered to them in the most organized, comprehensive and effective ways possible.

We envision providing people with the ultimate personal growth experience by building experience centers on selected locations around the world where people can immerse themselves in the different aspects of personal growth.

The Evermove Purpose

We believe that there is a lot of great personal development information available, but that this is largely being spread and consumed in ineffective, unstructured, tactical (non-strategic) ways for long-term learning and application and thus is not producing enough lasting impact.

We see that the amount of information is exploding and that this leads to information overload, confusion, analysis paralysis, opportunity seeking, distraction, and frustration.

Thus, in this ever-faster changing world, our purpose is to spread expertise in the field of personal development in the most effective ways in order to move your life forward.

The Evermove Mission

Core Activitie​s

To achieve our purpose, we are building Europe’s ultimate personal growth experience company that organizes and spreads expertise in 9 essential, interdependent areas: leadership, vision & goal setting, unlocking potential, spiritual, mental, physical, skills and social development, habits & productivity. For more info, see The Evermove Personal Growth Model below. Our core activities consist of the following:


Developing digital programs

We create interactive, personalized, effective digital learning programs and applications, based on the best learning science and technologies.


Creating experience CENTERS

We provide a physical location where people can have immersive personal growth experiences.


Organizing seminars & events

We organize seminars, workshops and larger events where we bring together experts and people who are hungry to move their life forward.

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The Evermove Personal Growth Model

We have built an organized model of all the essential personal growth areas, based on the laws of nature. The purpose of this model is to bring order to the field of personal growth. This allows us to approach information in a strategic instead of in a tactical manner by knowing what areas to prioritize and by having a way to organize knowledge. We will add more information on this model soon. The areas of focus are:



Make a move(ment)

Take absolute personal responsibility for your life and inspire others to move forward as well



Create a Moving Vision

Discover your greatness and craft an emotional, purpose-driven life vision, goals and definite plans of action



Use Your Prime Movers

Unlock your potential and start moving towards your vision



Move Your Consciousness

Tune in to the energy of life, your true self and the present moment and work with the energy that's moving to and through you to create what you want



Move Your Mind

Take charge of your intelligence, thoughts and emotions and become a true mastermind



Move Your Body

Learn how to eat, move, sleep and breathe properly in order to take care of yourself, because you have nowhere else to live.


Essential skills

Develop Your essential Moves

Build the skills and specialized knowledge that are necessary to move forward towards your vision



Move The world Around You

Learn how to develop meaningful, supportive relationships that can speed up your growth



the right moves at the right time

Learn how to put everything together by building lasting habits and increasing your productivity

The Evermove Values (our guiding principles)

We are pulled by our vision, fueled by are passion and guided by our values. These company values serve as a compass in everything that we do. We use them to make better decisions and to evaluate opportunities and partnerships:

Lifelong Growth
This value is the very DNA of our company. We aim to maximize our own learning and the learning of everyone our business touches with. This value is the guiding principle behind everything we do. We continuously ask: will what we are doing move our client’s life forward and how can we make sure that it does?

Since we understand that what we attract and how we show up in the world is determined by how we feel and think, we want to live, work and create a positive, supportive, visionary environment for ourselves, our clients and everyone our business touches with. We will actively block out negativity, messages of lack and impossibility.

Optimal human and business performance requires taking great care of our mind, body and life energies. Our radiant health is one of our core assets.

We strive to create a culture of empowerment both within our organization and in the lives of our clients, so that we can live and work with responsible, self-reliant, innovative people who aspire to be a better leader for themselves and others.

We take responsibility for what we say and do and we walk our talk. We are accountable for our actions. We see mistakes not as failures but as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Imagine a generation that brings unprecedented creative energy to the world, who greet every challenge as an opportunity to help move humanity forward. Imagine producing life-long learners who are able to effortlessly adapt to the rapidly changing and ever-emerging, but unpredictable, currents of the future. Can you imagine what this generation would look like? What they would accomplish? How they would thrive in an exciting and unfolding future—indeed, how they would shape that future for the betterment of all? Who wouldn’t want to see this outcome, or be a part of bringing it about?

Jain Naveen, Moonshots

So what about you?

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