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The purpose of your life is to grow, to move forward, to express your unique potential, and make the world a better place. We create immersive personal growth experiences, tools, programs, and events to help you with that.

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We combine expert content, learning science, and modern technologies to create transformational personal growth experiences. This allows you to understand deeper, apply better, and get lasting results.

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Practical resources to help you on your growth journey

We develop and spread interactive, practical tools, programs, and technologies to help you take the next step on your personal growth journey. 

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Moving your people, team, and organization forward

We help businesses to strategically apply the elements of personal development to their individual employees, teams, or the entire organization so that growth can be harmonious and sustainable at all levels.

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Expressing your potential and reaching your goals does not happen by chance or luck but is the result of following a strategic process that is rooted in natural principles. 

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We move individuals, teams, and organizations forward


Moving your life forward

Discovering, cultivating, and expressing your potential is the purpose of your life. Once you understand and apply the timeless principles that govern personal growth, it becomes impossible for you not to move your life forward. Let us help you become the best version of yourself.


Moving your team forward

A team is a group of interacting individuals. The personal growth of each team member naturally affects interpersonal growth and team dynamics. We let teams experience the principles of optimal team performance and how they can be applied to everyday practice.


Moving your business forward

The growth of an entire company results from the effective, natural expression of the potential and interactions of its parts. We teach organizational leadership how to create and maintain a climate that is favorable to lasting growth.


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All our activities serve our mission to move humanity forward by creating the ultimate personal growth experience company where people can immerse themselves in the different areas of personal growth, both online and on-site.

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Bob Proctor

The world's leading personal growth expert

These people really know what makes us tick...and that's what we all want to learn more of.

Vincent Noschese


My day was amazing because I perceived personal development in a completely new, more immersive way.

Daniel Nzengu


I had a great experience learning about leadership, my mind, and many other things to help me achieve my goals.

The real secret to success consists in ever-moving forward, and to cultivate the particular mental attitude which promotes this constant progress.

Raymond Holliwell

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